Rubbish Is Valuable


其他題名:Let's Treasure Our Planet

作者:Chong Yew Foon[原作];合力出版有限公司[編輯]


出版社:Young Scientists Enterprise 合力出版有限公司

出版地:Kuala Lumpur



Don't you want to live in a clean and beautiful place? If the answer is yes, let us keep Earth clean to ensure our good health.

  • Rubbish is Valuable(p.1)
  • Goat's house is near a rubbish dump.(p.2)
  • Every day,(p.3)
  • But lately,(p.4)
  • He finds out that the rubbish has been sent to Mr and Mrs Recycle.(p.5)
  • They recycle old newspaper and magazines to make new paper products.(p.6)
  • They also process leftover food and fruit peelings into fertiliser.(p.7)
  • Used glass botties are cleande and reused.(p.8)
  • Used plastic bottles and worn-out tyres are also(p.9)
  • Aluminium cans are also recycled.(p.10)
  • Old clothes and things that are still in good condition are given to the needy.(p.11)
  • Aha,(p.12)
  • Think before throwing away your rubbish.(p.13)
  • Recycled products save money for us,(p.14)
  • Such efforts have successfully reduced the amount of rubbish on Earth.(p.15)
  • A Note From Goat(p.16)