Joshua’s Magnetized Soccer Ball


作者:by Beatrice Ferraro


出版社:Strategic Book Publishing

出版地:London, England



Eleven-year-old Joshua loves playing soccer and is always trying to come up with ideas and techniques to keep the ball at his feet. When he designs a new soccer ball with built-in magnets, Joshua can't wait to see how well his new invention will work on the field! Science and soccer come together in an experiment that 'goes for the goal' in this cleverly written children's story. Beatrice Ferraro enjoys writing imaginative, adventurous children's stories for her own children, Julian and Annabelle. In addition to writing, Beatrice has completed her Certificate in Childcare and is furthering her studies in Education Support Teacher's Assistants and Early Childhood Development. She lives with her children and the family's pets, Fluffy the dog, Timikins the cat, Whitey the kitten and one fish, in Littlehampton Australia.

  • The Preparation(p.8)
  • Ready To Go(p.15)
  • The Practice(p.20)
  • The Final Soccer Match, First Half(p.23)
  • The Last Half(p.27)
  • The Final Conclusion(p.32)