The Bermuda Triangle islamic perspective


作者:by Wayne Lonnie Brown


出版社:Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.

出版地:Houston, TX

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Like my first book published in 1999, The Historical Roots of Proper Islamic Governance in Bermuda, this is a history book. It clarifies some points in my first book, but more importantly, it addresses questions about the Bermuda Triangle that are continuously asked by Muslims the world over, both by many of the Ulama as well as ordinary Muslims, and also asked by non-Muslims. No one prior to me has discovered the answers I relate in this book about the Bermuda Triangle. The so-called mystery is solved by me, a Bermudian Muslim, and all praise is due to God. Why shouldn't God's mercy allow a Bermudian to discover something unique about Bermuda? The Bermuda Triangle Islamic Perspective: Within the Context of Bermuda Muslim History begins to unfold in the year 2000 and takes us up to present day. It is a new perspective of untold proportions. Wayne Lonnie Brown is a financial policy advisor in Bermuda who wishes to dispel misconceptions about his country. He is writing his next book.


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  • Chapter 1 In Defense of Bermuda(p.navPoint-7)
  • Chapter 2 Collaborating Evidence in Defense of Bermuda(p.navPoint-8)
  • Chapter 3 What Does This All Mean?(p.navPoint-9)
  • Chapter 4 Excerpts from Quran(p.navPoint-10)
  • Chapter 5 The Philosophy of the Bermuda Sunni Islam Revolution(p.navPoint-11)
  • Chapter 6 My Forward-Looking Message Bibliography(p.navPoint-12)
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